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The importance of reducing stress and improving sleep for beautiful skin

Getting a good night's sleep could be one of the easiest ways to safeguard your health and upgrade your beauty routine – but so many of us don't make it a priority.

A good night's sleep has been shown to affect our skin by slowing down ageing by giving your body the time it needs to replenish fully. It can also help us to avoid overeating or eating carb-rich foods during the day.

So if you want to improve your skin without spending money on expensive products, try getting enough sleep so you can keep those wrinkles at bay too!

Why is sleep important for our skin and overall health?

To work out why sleep is so important for our health and skin, we must first understand how sleep works. The body releases certain hormones when we are sleeping and not releasing as many of them when awake. This means that the quality and quantity of sleep you get has a significant effect on your moods/feelings, physical appearance and health.

Sleeping is really important to the way our skin looks because it reduces signs of ageing and lets your skin repair itself and regenerate new cells, which makes your skin look healthier.

And when we’re well-rested, we typically make better choices throughout the day. We’re less likely to reach for refined carbs, high fat and high sugar foods. Avoiding these foods will also have a positive impact on health and beauty.

How to get better quality sleep

The best way to improve your sleep is to get into a routine. Most people need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. So if you want to get 8 hours of sleep and be awake at 6 am, you need to be asleep by 10 pm. And this means you should start to wind down for bed around 2 hours before this.

Creating your ideal bedtime routine will help you wind down, relax, and let go of the day. For example, some people like to take a warm bath before bed, while others like to read. You could also try herbal tea remedies. An essential oil diffuser can also help to set the scene for a restful night’s sleep.

What you do at bedtime is just as important as what you avoid. Try to avoid blue light-emitting devices before bed. This includes your phone, tablet and TV. These can disrupt sleep patterns by making your brain think it’s still daytime.

The importance of reducing stress in your life

Stress can manifest in many ways, including physical problems. For example, stress can cause heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes if left unchecked. Stress also increases inflammation in the body, which can cause flare-ups of preexisting conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Taking control of stress can have an impact on your health and beauty. Stress also leads to higher cortisol levels in your body, which contributes to acne breakouts. If you find it difficult to relax, try meditation or mindfulness exercises. These simple steps can help you learn to identify stressful situations and take control of your response.

If you have a busy lifestyle with little time to yourself, try to find 5 minutes every day just for yourself. Even if it's only for five minutes, this is enough time just to relax and think about other things instead of what is going on around you. Getting a good night’s sleep is also an excellent way to combat stress.

Herbal remedies for anxiety and sleep

There are plenty of herbs and herbal remedies which can help with anxiety and sleep, like lavender oil, chamomile tea and valerian root.

  • Chamomile tea is a great drink to have before bed because it contains a chemical that binds to GABA receptors in the brain. This is thought to induce sleepiness.
  • Valerian root has been used for years as a natural remedy for insomnia or poor sleep patterns. If you suffer from either of these problems, try taking this two hours before bedtime.
  • Lavender is one of the best-known essential oils used to reduce stress and anxiety. You can enjoy lavender tea or add lavender essential oil to an oil diffuser.

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