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What are ceramosides? Five reasons to add them to your skincare routine immediately

If you suffer from dry, flaky and tight skin, you might benefit from adding ceramosides to your daily skincare routine. Ceramosides can be taken as an oral supplement or as a topical treatment. This novel way to support your skin from the inside and out could be the key to a glowing, dewy and youthful appearance.

Ceramosides offer a form of ceramides that can reach the skin through the bloodstream. When we think about supplements to help our skin, we typically think of oils or serums. But with ceramosides, you can take a daily supplement – just as you take your multivitamins – and enjoy a dose of skin-friendly ingredients.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are a type of lipid that is found naturally in the skin. They help with water retention, nourishing skin cells for more supple and healthier-looking skin. They can also act as a natural UV protector. And finally, they restore elasticity to keep your skin looking youthful. Ceramides also are effective in treating eczema by soothing inflammation and reducing redness.

Ceramides are found naturally throughout the skin’s epidermis, but topical applications have been shown to improve their appearance and increase efficacy. For example, one study showed that applying a cream with ceramides has excellent anti-ageing benefits by increasing collagen synthesis in the dermal layer and improving moisture levels in the epidermal layer.

What are ceramosides?

Ceramosides allow you to support your skin from within. In addition to topical products, you can also enjoy oral supplements that help top up skin moisture levels from the inside. So if you’re looking to plump up dehydrated and irritated skin, ceramosides may help. Here are five reasons why you should incorporate ceramides into your skincare routine...

Ceramosides help with water retention

As we get older, the skin loses ceramides, which reduces its ability to lock in moisture. This can lead to dry skin and wrinkles. Ceramides help to hold together the building blocks of the dermis. When they are lost, the moisture barrier is broken, and the skin cannot retain moisture, no matter how many expensive creams you use.

Ceramosides have been shown to help improve the moisture barrier, which leads to more moisturised skin. In clinical studies of 80 people, ceramosides increased skin moisturisation levels by 21% in two months.

Ceramosides nourish skin cells for more supple skin

Supplementing your skin with ceramides can also aid in collagen synthesis and may even help restore the natural barrier function of your skin, leading to healthier-looking skin with less visible wrinkles. In clinical studies, ceramocides were found to reduce wrinkles by 18% after two months. And skin elasticity increased by 26% after two months.

Ceramosides protect against UV rays

Your skin protects you from external threats, including pathogens and UV exposure. By maintaining a healthy skin barrier, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Since ceramides are a lipid, they also work as natural sunblock for your skin too. A study from the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that patients who applied a cream with ceramosides had significantly lower UV-induced redness than those who did not supplement their skin.

According to the study, “Treatment with a ceramide-containing sunscreen and moisturizing cream routine reduced erythema and hyperpigmentation, improved skin hydration, and maintained normal superficial skin cells morphology and turnover after UVR.”

Ceramosides offer anti-ageing effects

If you’re hoping to maintain a youthful appearance, adding ceramosides to your daily skincare routine could be the key. Ceramides can help treat several skin conditions, including eczema and other rashes that affect millions of people. However, they are also excellent for tackling the signs of ageing.

If we imagine that skin cells are the bricks and ceramides are the cement between them. As we get older, ceramide production slows. This leads to a breakdown of the skin moisture barrier. When this happens, the skin is exposed to external stressors and pollutants. It also results in fine and deep-set wrinkles.

By supplementing ceramosides in your diet and adding to your skincare routine, you can restore your skin moisture barrier and fight the signs of ageing.

Ceramosides are safe for all skin types

Ceramosides are excellent for more than just an anti-ageing solution. They are also suitable for those with problem skin, including eczema and psoriasis. Ceramosides are generally considered safe for all skin types, but we recommend doing a patch test to be sure.

Ceramides can be used for people with any skin type since they are available in an oral supplement and topical form. We recommend taking your supplements for at least three months to enjoy the full benefits. As with all supplements, consistency is key.